Friday, September 17, 2010

EdReDirect: The Educational Resource Directory

EdReDirect, The Follow-Up Report's educational resource directory and "self-annotated" webliography, is finished and ready for access and download. With almost 500 pages, it includes "descriptions" of over a thousand websites concerned with accreditation, assessment, research, planning, and development; plus links to the thousands of free resources (books, articles, guides, tools, etc.) hosted by these wesites to aid educators and administrators devoted to student and institutional success.

TFR Report Ed Redirect, 2010-09-17 TVT

You can download the directory to use as a personal resouce library or you can click on a link while reading the directory in full-screen mode to visit any website. A web version of EdReDirect will also be included on The Follow-Up Report website in the online resources section.


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