Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Aligning Goals and Outcomes with ACCJC Accreditation Requirements

The following document contains three forms which can be used to align unit goals and outcomes with ACCJC Eligibility Requirements and Accreditation Standards. They also identify the existing sources of information and bodies of evidence generated by on-going assessment and evaluation processes which support the requirements and standards. The forms can be useful in preparing for an institutional self-study for initial accreditation or reaffirmation. They were created by adding accreditation columns to variations of the goal alignment matrix and the "five-column model" form commonly used in assessment efforts by colleges across the ACCJC region. To test the forms, download the Word DOC version instead of the PDF version.

TFR Forms ACCJC Accreditation Assessment TVT2010-01-05

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Visualizing Research, Planning, and Assessment Processes

The following research guide is an image anthology of over 600 visualizations created and/or used by ACCJC accredited colleges for employee training and to communicate research, planning, and assessment initiatives, processes, and structures to their employees, students, communities, and accreditor. The images were collected via the college's public websites throughout 2009 and together form a snapshot of the visualization techniques used by the colleges to aid in their transition to and understanding of the "new" model for higher education practice inherent within the 2002 ACCJC Standards of Accreditation. The images in this anthology are summary outcomes from the thousands of manhours invested by the original creators of these communication tools and the plans, processes, and structures they represent. They were collected to form a resource which can help us in the creation and revision of our own research, planning, assessment, and communication efforts.

TFR Guides Visualizing Research Planning Assessment Process, 2009-12-16 TVT

Institutional Quality and Accreditation

The following presentation gives an introduction to regional accreditation in the United States, the Accrediting Commission of Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), and the purposes of accreditation. It also gives an overview of the ACCJC accreditation process, the 2002 Accreditation Standards, and the reliance on evidence in accreditation. It is based on an ACCJC workshop by Dr. Deborah G. Blue and Mr. G. Jack Pond from 2006. Workshop participants were told the presentations would be posted online for download and could be used for in-house training. Unfortunately, for one reason or another, this did not happen. Rachel Mason and I reproduced and adapted the original presentations for staff training sessions on accreditation and continuous quality improvement in 2007. This version is a revision of the 2007 adaptation. Some material has been deleted, some has been revised, updated and/or expanded, and about a third of the pages are new to this version. The additional material includes a new map of the U.S. accreditation regions, and charts of possible ACCJC actions, the ACCJC 6-year accreditation cycle, and a simplified version of the evidence-based integrated planning and assessment cycle required by the 2002 Standards.

TFR InstitutionQuality&Accreditation ACCJC2006 TVT2009

This presentation is posted as per the original intentions of Dr. Blue and Mr. Pond, if you find material in it useful please include a citation to their original workshop in addition to this post. The map and charts were created by Todd V. Titterud for The Follow-Up Report and can be cited separately.