Saturday, July 3, 2010

Glossaries for Education Assessment, Research, and Planning

The following links to online glossaries of assessment, research, planning, and education terms are excerpted from the "EdReDirect" TFR Resource Guide Report:

Assessment, Research, and Planning, The Follow-Up Report

Assessment Terminology, New Horizons for Learning

Assistive Technology, University of Iowa ICATER

Business and Management, 12manage

Business Terms, Bplans, Palo Alto Software

Computer and Internet Technology, NetLingo

Computer and Internet Technology, Webopedia

Computer and Internet Terms, Sharpened Productions

Computer Terms,

Confusors, TLT Group

Distance Education and Internet Terminology, Educational CyberPlayGround

Economic Analysis, Bureau of Economic Analysis

Economics and Finance, Federal Reserve

Education, LD Online, WETA

Education Terms and Acronyms, North Central Regional Educational Laboratory

Educational Terminology, University of Tampere

Evaluation, Western Michigan University

Distance Learning, United States Distance Learning Association

Higher Education Quality Assurance, Quality Research International

Higher Education Terminology, University of Tampere

Institutional Planning Terms & Acronyms, University of California Merced

Institutional Research, University of West Florida

Information Technology, San Diego State University

Information Technology, UBM TechWeb

Instructional Strategies, PlasmaLink Web Services

Internet and Computers,

Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System, NCES

Learning Terms, Georgia Institute of Technology

Lexicon of Learning, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

Online Learning, University of Montana

Program Evaluation, Environmental Protection Agency

Program Evaluation Terms, Western Michigan University

Psychological Terms, American Psychological Association

Research Terminology, American Massage Therapy Association

Qualitative Research, Association for Qualitative Research

Quality, American Society for Quality

Quality, Sigma

Statistics, StatSoft

Student Evaluation Terms, Western Michigan University

Student Outcome Assessment, James Madison University

Teacher Evaluation, Western Michigan University

Testing and Assessment, Questionmark

Telecommunications, Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions

Unit Effectiveness Process, University of Texas Arlington

Universal Design, University of Washington

Web Design, Motive Ltd

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