Thursday, October 29, 2009

SLO Songs and Videos

Need a break from your assessment and accreditation efforts? Then relax and enjoy the music videos about Student Learning Outcomes posted on YouTube.

Dr. Lloyd S. Thomas of West Los Angeles College has posted his renditions and performances of three different songs about SLOs:

The deadline for entering "The SLO Song" Music Video Contest sponsored by Las Positas College is over and "stewartjm" has posted his entry for your viewing pleasure:

The results of the contest are not yet posted but you may want to check the contest's home page for updates or download the audio file (Originally recorded by Panic! At the Disco-"I Write Sins Not Tragedies”, New lyrics by Lauren Hasten, Vocals by Tanya Pray and Lauren Hasten).

If you prefer something a little less hard but which still has a beat, the SLOs home page of Cabrillo College presents “The Core-4 Anthem” written and performed by Rory O'Brien.

If you're tired of music, try watching the following short clip on Student Learning Outcomes from a humorous play ("The Sins of Dr. Albright") courtesy of Santa Monica College:

In another entertaining stage production, CaƱada College combined video and live performers for the August 2008 FLEX Day presentation by their SLOAC Players of the eight minute “Assessment Zone” video from Fredriksberg Community College:

Additional materials from ACCJC accredited colleges will be added to this post as I find them.

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