Friday, July 17, 2009

At-Risk Colleges in the ACCJC Region

The Commission Actions and Status page of The Follow-Up Report has been revised to incorporate the June 2009 actions of the Commission. New charts have been added to illustrate the 2003-2009 trends. The following charts illustrate the trend for an increased proportion of ACCJC colleges being classified as at-risk:

Sixty-seven schools have been sanctioned (Warning, Probation, or Show Cause status) by the Commission one or more times between January 2003 and June 2009. In other words, half (49.3%) of the schools in the ACCJC region have been sanctioned within a seven-year period. An additional fifty-five schools (40.4%) had to have their continued accreditation status confirmed through a Follow-Up, Interim, Progress, or Focused Midterm Report showing progress on resolving issues of concern to the commission. Only 14 schools (10.3%) had their accreditation affirmed or reaffirmed without first being sanctioned or required to submit a confirmation report.

The average number of schools sanctioned per year increased by 364% from 2003 (5.5 schools) to 2009 (25.5 schools) with the average percentage of schools sanctioned per year increasing from a low of about four percent (2003) to a high of over eighteen percent (2008 and 2009).

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