Tuesday, June 9, 2009

ACCJC Requirements for Institutional Mission Statements and Learning Outcomes

This presentation gives an overview of the ACCJC requirements regarding institutional mission statements and institutional learning outcomes. It is designed to be a reference aid or guide for groups tasked to assess their college mission or outcomes as part of a regular review or institutional self-study. The applicable sections of the 2004 Eligibility Requirements and the 2002 Accreditation Standards cited in the presentation are appended for easy reference.

Comparison of the current requirements to the current presentations of institutional missions and outcomes by ACCJC accredited colleges reveals a wide range in the apparent degree of understanding, application, and interpretation of these requirements. It appears many colleges in the region need to review and revise the wording or presentation of their institutional mission and outcomes statements to ensure or clarify that they meet current ACCJC requirements.

Links to the current institutional mission and outcomes statements of colleges in the ACCJC region can be found at:



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